1. Anonymous said: Stop making that baby watch tv.

    Are you actually joking? Hahahaa
    You literally know nothing about me, my child or our lives haha
    I don’t ‘make’ Flynn watch tv! He’s interested in everything that’s going on! If the tv happens to be on, he likes to watch it! It’s got interesting music and sounds, you absolute moron hahaa
    It’s not like I’m plonking him in front of the telly and ignoring him all day! He spends most of his time in a bouncy chair/rolling about on his mat/playing with his toys and then getting cuddles!
    Don’t be so bloody daft. Keep out of other peoples lives, and if you’re going to send snotty messages, at least have the guts to do it off anon!

  2. He’s a Starbucks hipster already…


  3. How do i politely explain to Fraser’s dad, that I never want our son to be around his 19 month old daughter ever again?
    Well. At least until she stops smacking people, screeching at the top of her voice, and screaming for no reason.
    Flynn has picked up the stupid screech, and since he’s only 4 months old, there’s not we can do.
    And it’s definitely from her, because they came around on Father’s Day, and he screeched for the rest of the week, then it stopped! *bliss*
    Then they came round again yesterday and he’s started doing it again.
    Kill me. Kill me now.

  4. The boys watching tv, they feel somebody is watching… frazninja


  6. Feeling really down at the minute, and I have no idea why.
    I’ve got a perfect boyfriend who is always there for me, a perfect little baby boy and a lovely new home.
    I just don’t feel good about myself anymore. I’m super tired, I’m not happy with how I look, I just want to sleep as much as I can and I’m loosing interest in a lot of things.
    Hopefully when I’m not feeling so sick all the time, things will get better

  7. howtoliveinwonderland:

    My little mans outfit today! :)

  8. i-am-lady-larkin:

    This speaks to me

    (via frazninja)


  9. I love that Fraser says, ‘Nearly home’ when he’s coming back here now :)

  10. howtoliveinwonderland:

    Tardis baby :3